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AUST L 175336
Broad Spectrum Digestive Enzymes

50 and 120 Vegetarian Capsules (Vcaps®)


DigeZyme® is a proprietary preparation featuring a unique blend of five broad spectrum digestive enzymes. This multienzyme complex may support digestive system health, maintain assimilation of nutrients to enhance general health and wellbeing and reduce symptoms of dyspepsia.

Supplies amylase from Aspergillus oryzae to assist breakdown of starch, protease from Aspergilllus oryzae to assist breakdown of protein, lipase from Rhizopus oryzae to assist breakdown of dietary fat, cellulase from Trichoderma longibrachiatum to assist breakdown of cellulose plant fibre, and lactase from Aspergillus oryzae to assist breakdown of lactose, the sugar found in dairy foods.

Oral supplementation of digestive enzymes may pose stability issues. However, certain plant and microbe derived enzymes are known to be stable under a broad pH and temperature range. Hence they are capable of acting throughout the digestive tract without being affected by gastric secretions.

Taken regularly with meals DigeZyme® may:

  • Assist breakdown of dietary fat.
  • Assist digestion of carbohydrates.
  • Aid digestion of lactose from dairy.
  • Help stimulate digestive enzymes.
  • Relieve digestive discomfort.


Each vegetarian capsule contains:

Amylase (from Aspergillus oryzae)                            3,600 DU
Protease (from Aspergillus oryzae)                          1,500 HUT
Cellulase (from Trichoderma longibrachiatum)            165 CU
Tilctase (from Aspergillus oryzae)                                600 ALU
Lipase (from Rhizopus oryzae)                                      30 LipU

DU = Dextrinizing Unit; HUT = Haemoglobin Unit Tyrosine base; CU = Cellulase Unit; ALU = Acid Lactase Unit; LipU = Lipase Unit.

Excipient Ingredients


Contains no gluten, soy, dairy, yeast, wheat, animal products, artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.


Adults: Take 1 capsule three times daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

Not all cautions and contraindications are listed. For full details, references or more information click here to email MD Nutritionals technical support.


Store below 30°C out of direct sunlight.


* VCAPS and the VCAPS Logo are trademarks used under license.

DigeZyme® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Australia Pty Ltd

Practitioner’s Information

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